Prepared to Serve

Communion via Zoom

Communion via Zoom.  If you would like to join us live please join our Facebook Group (Burwell Baptist Congregation) or contact us for a link.  We hope to share a recording of the service soon after the service closes.

It is not a virtual communion.  It is a real communion.  It will of course be a little different.  You will need to bring your own bread and wine (or your preferred substitute – water will do).  Baptists have always believed in the preisthood of all believers and that the bread and wine are not tranformed in some magical way.  The point of communion is to remember Jesus in the way He commanded us to.  The Spirit is not limited by our social distance and can be full present with each of us where we are.  It will not be everything that communion shared in the same place but it will be real.

Please join the meeting from 10:20 from 10:30 we will operate a “waiting room” and will be admitted at the next appropriate moment.  Please Note: The service will be recorded to share with unable to attend the live event.