Easter Trail

Welcome to an Easter treasure hunt around the streets of Burwell – total distance will be about 1.5 mile and may take up to 1 hour to complete. It is designed for families and is organised by Burwell Baptist Church. All the answers to clues can be seen clearly from the public pathways so please do not trespass onto anyone’s drives/gardens or property. We recommend taking a torch with you and there will also be opportunity to get more out of the trail with phone QR codes (direct links to the videos are included on the posters). The videos will reveal a code for a password. Please ensure you and your family obey the government guidelines for social distancing at all times.
We’ve kept crossing roads to a minimum – please stay on the left side path unless you are instructed to cross and make sure your kids take care at all times!

You can download the trail here or the full text is below…..

Some things to look out for on the way round:
1) Count how many palm-like trees you see. Did you know that the crowds used palm tree branches to wave and celebrate when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday? (the clue’s in the name!)
2) There are enough shoes on the trail for the Donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem – can you find them? (You might even find a spare?)
3) TOUGHIE ALERT! There used to be a Police House in Burwell and there is still evidence of where it is – this is a tricky one but if you keep your eyes open as you walk you might just find it – can you find which house it was?
4) Please keep on the lookout for things that give you hope on the trail – we would love you to share them with us – take a photo, share it on our facebook page and help bring some hope into the community.
Begin at the Trinity Church, High Street (near the chemist) and you will find your first QR code – please watch the video.

  1. What year was the church building built? What is Colin’s phone number?
    Walk past the chemist towards Pound Hill carefully socially distancing from the queue!
  2. What was happening when a large fire broke out and when?
    Please cross the road carefully onto Pound Hill
  3. Name 3 of the famous landmarks on the Burwell village sign. (NB The sign disappeared in the storms early March – we hope it will be re-instated but if not please ignore this question!)
    At the Post Office find your second QR code, watch the video and collect the first clue.
  4. When was the Post Office built?
  5. What name is above that date?
  6. The same name is above the next door cottages. What is the date?
    Keep walking towards The Causeway
  7. How many wooden crosses can you count? Do you know why the cross is a symbol of sacrifice and hope?
  8. Look up at the big cross, how many rows of brick high is it?
    Turn left down The Causeway
  9. What tree is on the house name at number 31 The Causeway?
  10. What is the date of Jubilee Cottages? Do you know where the idea of jubilee came from and the connection with hope?
  11. What is the date of Ebenezer Cottages? Do you know what Ebenezer means and what it has to do with hope?
  12. Which Dickens character had the Christian name Ebenezer?
  13. Which 3 colours are on the Barbers sign?
    A bit further, you should find the third QR code – watch the video and collect the clue.
  14. Which tree are the cottages named after?
  15. Where will you find a Wandering Dragon? Add a pineapple fritter and how much would it cost?
  16. In which 2 years did Burwell receive The Best Kept Village award for East Cambs?
  17. Where can you find 3 crosses? – we need them for a heart problem!
    Cross over the crossing carefully and walk towards the school. Remember to keep looking for the palm like trees.
  18. What is the website address for Burwell Print?
  19. What date is on the British School plaque?
    Cross over the crossing, turning left towards the library
  20. What mythical bird has a room? It is a symbol of hope – What connection might the bird have to what Christians celebrate at Easter (note the big difference is the bird is mythical whereas Jesus was and is a real person)!
    Time to find the fourth QR code nearby – watch the video and collect the clue.
  21. Which phone number would you use to contact The Burwell Detachment regarding Army Cadets?
    Keeping to the path, walk past the sports hall –
  22. Can you find the name of the Alarm system?
    Turn left into Buntings Path – remember to look out for shoes for the donkey.
  23. Which nursery rhyme has the word ‘bunting’ in it?
  24. Do you know how many disciples Jesus had? The disciples were also called “Fishers of men” – at this number on Buntings Path can you find another fisher?
    Cross Silver Street carefully and turn right keeping on the left hand side of the road.
  25. How many insects can you see on the wall of The Bungalow?
  26. What bird is standing proudly at the front door?
    Are you still counting palm-like trees?
  27. Number 31 has a prickly name. What is it?
  28. Where could you get a “short back and sides”?
    Keep walking along Silver Street
  29. Name some fruit that may have grown down the road to your right?
    Cross New Road carefully continuing down Silver St.
  30. Look across the road, how many tall Pine trees can you count?
  31. Who owns Burwell House?
  32. Further down the road, what tree name is in a house name?
    Continue along the road and as you reach the Church you will find your 5th QR code. Watch the video and note the last letter of the password code.
    Walk down the Church path to the back door and the last QR code! Have you cracked it? Select the link ”Crack the Code?” and enter the password to see the last video.
    WELL DONE – You have completed the HOPE trail.
    Let us know how you did on the “In Search of Hope – Easter Treasure Trail” Facebook page @BurwellBCTrail and remember to add your pictures of HOPE in Burwell.
    Please take a booklet (one per child) for your children to continue their hunt for hope!
    Contact us at Email or on Facebook @BurwellBaptistChurch or phone 01638 735502
    Please join us for our on-line Easter services on our YouTube channel, Facebook
    BurwellBaptistChurch or through our website www.burwellbaptistchurch.org.uk
    If you enjoyed this treasure hunt then why not try St Mary’s easter trail which you can find in their church-yard at the other end of the village. HAPPY EASTER!