Sermons on “Jesus”

The Message of the Cross

In this series our aim is not to come up with clever theories about the cross but to reap its benefits, live its life and proclaim its gospel. Chris aims to inspire us to discover again the wonder and power of the cross of Christ. In the first talk he focusses on the revelation which the cross brings about who we are, who God is and how we can be reconciled.

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Christmas Communion

The incarnation is central to our understanding of Christmas and to our understanding of Emmanuel – God with us. We celebrate Christ’s coming and His presence with us today.

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Jesus: Love in Person

The Christmas message is one of God’s love for us being demonstrated by the gift of His son, Jesus. Jesus shows us God’s love by dying in our place on the cross. How will we respond to this sacrificial love?

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Meals With Jesus: A New Day

Chris leads a guided meditation on Luke 19:1-19 to deepen our understanding of the way in which Jesus brought security, acceptance and significance to Zacchaeus and a challenge to do the same for others.

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Prayer Life: Jesus

Of course Jesus prayed but wait a minute…why did He pray? Chris explores why and what Jesus prayed for, and seeks a response in the light of that.

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The Sabbath

Peter Finnis preaches on Matthew 11 vs 28 – 12 vs 14 and Jesus’ attitude towards the Sabbath.

In contrast to the Old Testament Sabbath and the views of the Pharisees, we learn that Sabbath rest is wholeness and well-being in our whole lives, to be found only in Jesus when we walk alongside Him. Sabbath rest for the people of God is to submit our efforts and our work to Him – to enter God’s rest in order to rest from our own work.

Our lives surrendered to Christ brings rest and what follows is Christ’s work in us.

“Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God”

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Amazing Love

In our Easter Service which included a baptism Chris explores the connection between God’s love for us and His command that we love each other.

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A King Revealed

In the first of a two part mini-series, Chris asks the question, “Would your life be different if you saw Jesus enthroned over the nations?”

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Holy Spirit in Jesus

Jesus’ birth, teaching, power, sacrificial death and resurrection were all the result of the work of the Spirit. Jesus told the disciples that because He lived with them the Spirit lived with them and would one day live in them. Having reflected on what the life and teaching of Jesus reveal about Holy Spirit, Chris outlines how we are seeking to respond as a church.

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The Life of Jesus – The Cross and Resurrection

An All Age Service concluding our series on the life of Jesus led by Rev Chris Johnson. We celebrate together the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as we remember Him and share communion.

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