Sermons by “Susan Norris-Roberts”

Good Friday 2019

Susan leads a meditation on what Good Friday meant to those who were there and what it means to us now. Chris then leads us through Communion, reflecting on the symbolism of Christ’s Last Supper.

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Resurrection 2: Resurrection Evening

On the evening after Jesus rose from the dead, two disciples were travelling to Emmaus. On the way they met someone they didn’t expect to see. Meanwhile in Jerusalem, the remaining eleven apostles were gathered trying to decide what to do next when suddenly something amazing happened. Susan explores the effect these events had on the disciples and their continual effect in our lives today.

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Change or Transformation: Away Day News Flash

How can we deal with change? Does it always need to be painful? Do we even need to change anyway? Chris, Barry, Susan and James summarise the teachings we received during our church away day on the theme of Change or Transformation.

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