Sermons on “Matthew”

Expect the Unexpected

Pete Robinson reviews the past year and encourages us to experience the full reality of the kingdom of God that is on offer through Jesus Christ.

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Meals with Jesus: All Age Summary

The Sunday Club teachers and the Adult team summaries our series looking at Meals with Jesus.

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Meals with Jesus: Don’t get Disconnected

How can we find assurance of eternal life? How can wealth be a hinderance? How does God make the impossible possible through Jesus? Does your faith touch your wallet as well as your heart? Chris explores how our security, acceptance and significance are rooted in grace and yet we are encouraged to invest for eternal returns.

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Meals with Jesus: Everyone has a Hungry Heart

Everyone has a need for significance, security and acceptance. Jesus demonstrated how these needs cannot truly be met through independence, manipulation and idolatry but through trust, humility and worship. In our first talk we consider Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.

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The Sabbath

Peter Finnis preaches on Matthew 11 vs 28 – 12 vs 14 and Jesus’ attitude towards the Sabbath.

In contrast to the Old Testament Sabbath and the views of the Pharisees, we learn that Sabbath rest is wholeness and well-being in our whole lives, to be found only in Jesus when we walk alongside Him. Sabbath rest for the people of God is to submit our efforts and our work to Him – to enter God’s rest in order to rest from our own work.

Our lives surrendered to Christ brings rest and what follows is Christ’s work in us.

“Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God”

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Who is the greatest?

Preaching on Matthew 18 vs 1-5, David Taylor asks how we understand real greatness in the Kingdom of God. What does Jesus mean when he says we must become like children? He suggests that it is to recognise our dependence on God and to recognise our status before Him. True greatness comes not from earthly achievement but from being declared to be children of God.

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The Compassion of Jesus for the Bewildered

As we conclude our series on the Compassion of Jesus, Chris explores Jesus’ surprising response to those in need of protection and leadership and it involves… you.

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Compassion for The Hungry

Chris continues to teach in our series exploring the compassion of Jesus. This week he seeks to apply the lessons of Jesus compassion for the hungry from Matthew 15:29-39 and calls for a practical response.

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Compassion for the Sick

In the first in a new series of sermons on Jesus’ Compassion, Chris considers Matthew 14:14 where it is said that Jesus had compassion on the sick.

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The Gospel without Limits

David Quin from Asia Link shares his passion for the un-reached people of Asia and preaches on Matthew Chapter 4. He encourages us to be both expansive and attractive in our sharing of the Gospel – going out to where people are to reach them and being so anointed with the Holy Spirit that people are irresistibly drawn to Jesus as they see Him working in our lives.

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