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God’s Dwelling Place: In The New Creation

Today we look ahead to the ultimate completion of God’s dwelling place plan.  We seek to understand how we should live now in the light of that coming Kingdom.  To what extent does what we do now matter?

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God’s Dwelling Place: In Us

We are the next decisive and shocking step in God’s dwelling place plan.  All the fullness of God dwelt in Jesus and through His finished work that Fullness comes to dwell those who accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  We are being built into a temple of the Spirit – individually and corporately.  We can therefore seek God’s manifest presence in our gatherings and in our hearts.

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God’s Dwelling Place: In Jesus

Jesus is the exact representation of God. God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in Him. Jesus is the true Israel, the tent of meeting, the temple, through Him we find the way to reconciliation with God. Last week we thought about pressing into the holy of holies to meet with God. This week we hear Jesus’ invitation to be immersed in the unity of Father, Son and Spirit. We are invited to dwell in God.

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God’s Dwelling Place: In a Temple

Chris continues the series and this week God is dwelling in a temple.

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In a Tent

Simon Bailey continues the series and this week God is dwelling in a tent!

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How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

As part of the Alpha Weekend we watched the Alpha film “How can I make the most of the rest of my life?”
You can watch it here”

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With a family

God plans to make His dwelling-place among us. The plan started before the beginning of time and He wants to include you. Learn what means to be part of God’s chosen people.

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In the Beginning

This week we move from eternity to the beginning of time and space, thinking about God’s dwelling place after the creation of heaven and earth. This is what the Lord says:’Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool…’ We think about the space which God created between Himself and His creation, as the Spirit hovered over the waters, the further distancing caused by the fall and think about the present closeness of God revealed at Pentecost.

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God’s Dwelling Place Before the World Began

In this series we will be focusing on God and His dwelling place. I hope that we will each have a growing sense awe and wonder at God’s awesome plan and our part in that plan. God existed for all eternity before time and He will continue to exist for all eternity. The time-space-matter bit that we live in right now is a tiny part of God’s eternal experience. If we seek to know God better then we need to think a little about God’s dwelling place before the beginning of the world.

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Light Today

Who are we? What are we called to do?  How is God speaking to us as a church today? How are we and how will we respond to His prophetic word to us?

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