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The Glory of the Cross

Kath Robinson continues the series, reminding us that we can’t begin to earn our salvation – all we can do is boast about The Cross. Once, the cross was considered disgraceful, but Paul turns it around into his boast about God’s love for us and our salvation. If we boast in the glory of The Cross, then we can boast in nothing else. When we boast in The Cross it changes everything for us – our values and our identity. When we humble ourselves and recognise our inadequacies before God then Christ becomes our strength. This is the glory of The Cross of which we boast.

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The Great Escape

In this all-age worship service, Tim Bright challenges us as he recounts the story of Jonah.

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The Blood of the Cross

The Lord Jesus asked His disciples to remember Him through symbols of bread and wine. Reminders of His broken body and poured out blood. Blood is more than a metaphor in the bible. Understanding God’s view of blood is a vital key to understanding the relationship between life, death, sin and forgiveness. In the shedding of Jesus’ blood, the pouring out of His life, the symbol of animal sacrifice becomes the reality of Jesus’ death for our sin. Christianity is not about clever philosophies and fancy theories but flesh and blood, wood and nails reality.

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Renewing Covenant

In order to benefit from God’s offer of a New Covenant we must enter the covenant.  We must accept the terms and conditions – Repentance for the forgiveness of sins.  We can re-enter the covenant again and again.  We do not have to wait until the next covenant service or communion service.  How then shall we live as people of the New Covenant?

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The Offence of the Cross

What is the offence of the Cross? It is condemning, foolish and makes exclusive claims.  But something can be offensive and correct.  We go a little deeper in our understanding of meaning of the cross.

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The Message of the Cross

In this series our aim is not to come up with clever theories about the cross but to reap its benefits, live its life and proclaim its gospel. Chris aims to inspire us to discover again the wonder and power of the cross of Christ. In the first talk he focusses on the revelation which the cross brings about who we are, who God is and how we can be reconciled.

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The Prayer Course

As we begin a series of mid-week studies on Prayer, in place of a sermon podcast this week here is a link to the course that we will be following.

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Year Text in Context

What do you hope to reap? What then will you sow? Chris explores the meaning of our year text in the light of Paul’s teaching from Galatians 6:7 to 10.

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Vision 2018

An All Age service exploring God’s promises and our hopes and dreams for 2018.

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Our Spiritual Warfare

In the final part of the Life in the Spirt series, Andrew Webb looks at Paul’s description of spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6 and explains who this battle is being fought between and what God has given us to defend ourselves against attack.

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