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Harvest – Glorifying God and Giving Thanks

Rev Chris Johnson examines the essential role of thanksgiving in the Christian’s life.

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Opening Doors for the Message

Chris helps us to reflect on recent prophetic words from God relating to open doors. He explores which doors are open, which we need to open and which we are called to pray for God to open.

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Chris teaches from the book of Revelation which gives us spiritual insight into the various encounters with the risen Jesus that occur in the last days. That is in the time between Jesus ascension and His return. This book gives a glimpse of earthly events from a heavenly perspective and encourages us to be overcomers.

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The Prodigal Son

Peter Finnis shares some fresh insights into the parable of the Prodigal Son.

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Mary and Martha

Chris examines Mary and Martha’s encounters with Jesus.

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Healed by Jesus

Chris highlights the nature of the encounter of those Jesus healed. One might have thought that a healing encounter with Jesus might inevitably lead to the healed person following Jesus as Lord. But through the healings recorded in the gospels we discover that is far from certain.

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John the Baptist

In this message Chris explores the way in which John the Baptist’s view of Jesus was transformed.

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Our own Q & A

At the end of our series on 1 Corinthians, Chris summarises the studies so far and answers questions from the congregation.

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Paul’s Q & A

Chris continues the series in 1 Corinthians 7, as Paul addresses specific questions and situations of the Corinthians.

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24/7 Faith

As Chris preaches on 1 Corinthians Chapter 6, Paul reminds us that we cannot separate our everyday lives from our faith. We need to live lives that reflect God’s Kingdom.

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