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Made Alive in Christ

Today we dig into grace – what does it mean to be saved by grace? Just what has God done for us in Christ and why? How should we respond? We discover that our life in the Spirit begins with the gift of new life itself.

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Sealed by The Spirit

Today we being our new series looking at the Life of the Spirit from Paul’s letter to the Christians in Ephesus.  Chris opens the series by exploring what it means to be sealed by the Spirit. Our life in the Spirit is first of all a life where we are chosen and marked out to be God’s people, His possession, His letter and under his protection.  We are adopted into His family, given an inheritance of redemption and forgiveness.  We have the deposit now and the promise of full inheritance when Jesus is revealed and He returns to redeem those in His possession.

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The True Vine – Harvest 2017

In our harvest service for 2017, EBA Regional Minister Beth Powney looks at part of Jesus’ farewell discourse to his disciples and examines how we can apply Jesus’ command for us to be His branches in our lives today.

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Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Mervyn Thomas, CEO of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), visits us to talk to us about the ethos and work of the organisation, and about his recent trip to Iraq.

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The Greatest Reunion Ever

In this Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade and YPF reunion service, Chris looks at reunions in Scripture and proposes that the greatest reunion is between God and “all things”.

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Meals with Jesus: All Age Summary

The Sunday Club teachers and the Adult team summaries our series looking at Meals with Jesus.

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Meals With Jesus: A New Day

Chris leads a guided meditation on Luke 19:1-19 to deepen our understanding of the way in which Jesus brought security, acceptance and significance to Zacchaeus and a challenge to do the same for others.

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