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With a family

God plans to make His dwelling-place among us. The plan started before the beginning of time and He wants to include you. Learn what means to be part of God’s chosen people.

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In the Beginning

This week we move from eternity to the beginning of time and space, thinking about God’s dwelling place after the creation of heaven and earth. This is what the Lord says:’Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool…’ We think about the space which God created between Himself and His creation, as the Spirit hovered over the waters, the further distancing caused by the fall and think about the present closeness of God revealed at Pentecost.

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God’s Dwelling Place Before the World Began

In this series we will be focusing on God and His dwelling place. I hope that we will each have a growing sense awe and wonder at God’s awesome plan and our part in that plan. God existed for all eternity before time and He will continue to exist for all eternity. The time-space-matter bit that we live in right now is a tiny part of God’s eternal experience. If we seek to know God better then we need to think a little about God’s dwelling place before the beginning of the world.

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Light Today

Who are we? What are we called to do?  How is God speaking to us as a church today? How are we and how will we respond to His prophetic word to us?

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Light in the New Testament

Barry Canning continues the series on Light.

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Light in the Old Testament

Light is a key metaphor in the New Testament but what did the writers understand it to mean when they used it? We immerse ourselves in the Old Testament to begin the process of understanding more deeply the power of what Jesus and the New Testament writers were saying and seeking to respond to God’s revelation.

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Polar Explorers

Polar Explorers Holiday Club service

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Take up your cross!

Jesus calls us to take up our cross daily. To daily face the truth that we can only save our life by handing it over to Jesus. It is in the daily decision to take up our cross and follow Jesus that we become who we were created to be.

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Easter: Fake News or Good News?

How do we know the truth about a report we hear? Whether it is on the TV, in the papers or on social media? In the rush to get the scoop, lies and half-truths mascaraed as news. Some people see the resurrection of Jesus like that. Fake news, concocted because people need something to believe. Even some Christians think that we are asked to believe entirely on the basis of blind faith rather than evidence. This is not the case. Chris offers three types of evidence: Historical, Psychological and Experiential.

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The Road to the Cross

The principalities and powers behind the religion, politics and betrayal had to be drawn out and displayed for what they truly are.  The involvement of each in Jesus sacrifice accomplished made this plain.  As a result we can be set free from the fear of death to hear the truth and love as we have been loved.

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