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Prepared to Serve

The leaders away day focussed on responding to God’s prophetic word through the church meeting. Chris tests the outcome of this prayerful reflection against scripture. He encourages us to discover our gifts and challenges us to put them to use in serving others in our local community. In short to be “prepared to serve”.

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The Gospel without Limits

David Quin from Asia Link shares his passion for the un-reached people of Asia and preaches on Matthew Chapter 4. He encourages us to be both expansive and attractive in our sharing of the Gospel – going out to where people are to reach them and being so anointed with the Holy Spirit that people are irresistibly drawn to Jesus as they see Him working in our lives.

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Chris explains why we should eagerly desire the gift of prophecy and how to go about uses this gift based on 1 Cor 14.

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Salt of the Earth

Derek Newton preaches in this Unity Service as part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

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Body Building

The apostle Paul highlights three ways in which the interdependence of believers is undermined. Failure to acknowledge variety, inferiority and
superiority. Chris challenges us to overcome these tendencies and to opt to commit to interdependence.

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Vision for 2016

Chris sketches out the general vision of where God seems to be leading us and briefly shares his hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Using 1 Corinthians 12 he then challenges us to eagerly desire the spiritual gifts and to excel in exercising the gifts God has given us, in the service He has called us to, and in the way He chooses to work in us.

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Experiencing and Expressing God’s Love

As members of the congregation share stories of God’s love over that last year Chris applies Romans 5:1-10 explaining that we receive and experience this love through the Holy Spirit and are enabled to express it by the gifts He brings.

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Exciting God

Trevor Bailey encourages us to be more excited about Jesus and to share this excitement with others.

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A very different King / A Christmas Promise

In these recordings of the Sunday Club Carol Service and Carols by Candlelight, Chris speaks of how Jesus is a different King to how a king would be imaged to be – A King forever; A King from Heaven; and a King who gives. He then examines how the birth of Jesus fulfils God’s big promises to us and challenges us to choose to accept God’s promise and put our trust in Him.

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Receive, Believe, Become

Chris unpacks the meaning of receiving Jesus and believing in His name so that we might become children of God. He stresses the importance of each individual responding to God’s initiative in order to receive the promise. This is made practical as he calls on us the respond personally to God’s call to Burwell Baptist Church.

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