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Compassion for the Sick

In the first in a new series of sermons on Jesus’ Compassion, Chris considers Matthew 14:14 where it is said that Jesus had compassion on the sick.

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What is a Christian?

Pete attempts to answer the question.

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Chris responds to questions from the congregation which have arisen from our teaching on the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.

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Do Everything in Love

The Apostle Paul closes His first letter to Corinth with practical instructions and plans which echo his priorities throughout the letter. These include a desire to unity factions within the church, make clear the gospel and show how to apply it to practical situations. Chris explores what this can teach us about apply the gospel to our planning and priorities.

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Shine Like Stars

Lesley Martin preaches on Daniel 12:3 & Philippians 2:15, exploring what it means for us to “shine like stars in the universe”.

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New Life, New Hope

Advertising agencies and marketing companies are constantly offering a New You.They offer hope. Much of that hope is false hope and leads to disappointment. Chris explores what is necessary for hope to have a beneficial impact on our lives and offers new life and new hope based on the truth of Jesus death and resurrection.

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New Creation

In this Baptism service, Chris preaches on 2 Corinthians 5:16 – 6:2.

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I love my Church

Stuart Wood looks at what The Church should be and asks if it is recognised as a place of Love, Faithulness and Grace within the community.

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Seeds of the Resurrection

Continuing the theme of the importance of the resurrection in forming our vision, Chris deepens our understanding of the seeds of resurrection being formed by our choices now.

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Putting First Things First

As we continue to apply the Apostle Paul’s teaching from 1 Cor 15 to our life as a church we consider those things which Paul says are of first importance. In response there is an opportunity to covenant again with the Lord.

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