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Repentance and Deliverance

Chris continues a deeper look at Jonah applying the lesson Jonah learns about salvation to our lives and inviting all to stop clinging to worthless idols and receive God’s grace.

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Disobedience and Suffering

Is Jonah more than a big fish story? Chris applies the lessons of Jonah’s disobedience and suffering to the use of spiritual gifts today. He challenges us not to resist the Spirit but to eagerly desire the gifts He brings.

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The Compassion of Jesus for the Bewildered

As we conclude our series on the Compassion of Jesus, Chris explores Jesus’ surprising response to those in need of protection and leadership and it involves… you.

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The Passion of Jesus

Simon Bailey preaches on John 2:13-25 demonstrating that Jesus had passion for his father’s house. He asks if we are passionate about Jesus and his Father’s business, and challenges us to become passionate again.

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Compassion for the Lonely

Chris teaches from the healing of the leper in Mark 1:40-45 showing the way in which God sets the lonely in families. The teaching goes on to suggest ways in which we might respond to Jesus compassion today.

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Compassion for The Hungry

Chris continues to teach in our series exploring the compassion of Jesus. This week he seeks to apply the lessons of Jesus compassion for the hungry from Matthew 15:29-39 and calls for a practical response.

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The Compassion of the Father

Chris explores the connection between the parable of the prodigal son and the person of the Holy Spirit.

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Compassion for the Bereaved

Continuing the series on The Compassion of Jesus, Chris looks at Luke Chapter 7 vs 13 and Jesus’ compassion for the bereaved.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jen Wright and Richard share with us the work that Wycliffe Bible translators do in Africa and around the world, and what motivates them to do it.

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