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Mark 4

Jesus explained that the word of God was to be scatters widely. His Light was to be allowed to shine. The places of growth can be surprising and the mysterious. Chris challenges us to listen to Jesus teaching and invite widely. Do we still have no faith?

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Mark 3

The Pharisees were looking for a reason to condemn Jesus and the teachers of the Law chose to believe the Holy Spirit was evil. We are challenged to look for a reason to believe and to truth in the Spirit’s work. Will you stretch out your hand if Jesus calls you to?

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Mark 2

Healing, forgiveness and the Lordship of Jesus over institutions and rules.  Chapter 2 is the next exciting instalment in the epic drama of Jesus’ life.

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Mark 1

Mark is the shortest gospel. It is constantly aware of the coming conclusion of Jesus’ ministry at the cross. It is one of the earliest attempts to report and begin to make sense of Jesus’ ministry, death and resurrection. We jump straight in to the beginning of Jesus public ministry skipping the birth narrative and the book will close 16 breathless chapters later with the women fleeing for Jesus empty tomb trembling and afraid. We will be reading a chapter each week and asking what God is saying to us through His word.

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Thankfulness for what God provides

In this Harvest service Ian Randall reminds us of God’s provision for us and encourages an attitude of thankfulness.

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Easter Saturday

Stuart Wood preaches on Luke 23:50-56 and looks at what we do when God is silent on us.

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Decathlon – All age service

We look back over the summer and think about what we have learnt about God and our walk of faith.

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With God for Life

Life is not always easy. Actually, mostly it can be tough going! What might help to keep us going and growing in our faith?

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An All Round Faith: Pass it on!

We are invited to become part of God’s team, receiving from Him and passing on the blessings we receive but will we drop the baton?

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An All Round Faith: Obeying the Call

Pete Robinson guides us through the next of our sporting theme: the shot put. In the shot put you need to obey two simple rules: get the angle right and throw it as hard as you can! In the Bible, Jesus calls his disciples to obey just one: “follow me”.

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