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Esther 2

In the midst of the mess of real life, in a hostile environment, Esther and Mordecai discover God’s favour and become part of His plan. Where might God’s favour be at work in our lives?

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Esther 1

As we begin a new series in Esther, Susan looks at the first chapter explaining how we can see that God acts even when it’s not immediately obvious. Chapter 1 sets the stage for everything that is to come…

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Who do you think you are? Are you defined by your DNA? By your family tree. By your nationality? Or your race? By your gender or your sexuality? Are you defined by your inherited religion? The Apostle Paul found a new identity in Christ and Jesus calls us to do the same. Chris challenges us to forget who we thought we were and press on towards the goal of knowing Jesus more because the more we know Him the more we shall be like Him.

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Mark 12

What does loving God with everything you are and have look like in your life? What does loving your neighbour as yourself look like? In Mark 12 Jesus contrasts the behaviour of those who have rejected God with His summary of the commandments and calls those who would follow Him to love God with everything we are and have and to love our neighbour as ourselves. We can’t do this in our strength but by grace the Spirit enables us to fulfil the law through His love at work in us.

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Mark 11

Kath Robinson continues the series in Mark, this week looking at Chapter 11 vs 12-26 and challenging us to consider if we are being fruitful for God’s Kingdom.

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Mark 10

In Mark 10 Jesus focuses on how we can enter the Kingdom of God. His teaching calls for a radical reversal of all we might think.  We can not be good enough.  Our hearts are hard.  Our leadership aspirations are deeply flawed.  Jesus is our ransom to set us free.  Only when we recognise that it is impossible for us to change ourselves can we be saved by faith in the God of the impossible.  What needs to change in our lives in the light of this revelation?

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Some of the most important things in life are imperceptable to our 5 senses.  There is a spiritual dimension to life which is vitally important but not always visible.  In this service we learn about Jesus who makes the invisible God visible and think about how we might respond.

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Mark 9

The Kingdom of Heaven is brought into the suffering and brokenness of the world through Jesus. In this passage we see a revelation of the heavenly reality breaking in. Jesus then teaches about the implications of His coming kingdom for personal holiness and our relationships with each other. We are called to join Him in bringing the Kingdom of heaven to a suffering world.

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This is Love

How does the cross show love? What is the significance of the resurrection? How should we respond? Reminders of the revelation of the cross and resurrection.

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Good Friday 2019

Susan leads a meditation on what Good Friday meant to those who were there and what it means to us now. Chris then leads us through Communion, reflecting on the symbolism of Christ’s Last Supper.

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