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Good Friday 2019

Susan leads a meditation on what Good Friday meant to those who were there and what it means to us now. Chris then leads us through Communion, reflecting on the symbolism of Christ’s Last Supper.

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Palm Sunday 2019

Jesus invites all to come to Him.  He calls us to enter His kingdom as little children.  He has done all that is needed for us to become part of His team, will you make Hime Lord and follow Him?

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Resurrection 5: The Ascension

Jesus appeared to the disciples over 40 days with many convincing proofs. Chris examines what Jesus did during that time, the significance of the ascension and challenges us to respond in the light of Jesus priorities.

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Resurrection 4: 40 Days

As we continue our exploration of the resurrection appearances of Jesus, this week we focus on Jesus’ appearance by the sea of Galilee.  We are invited to consider if we demonstrate our love for Jesus through our love for His people.  Jesus restores us by bringing us back to the core of faith – do you love me?

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Resurrection 3: Resurrection Week

‘Doubting’ Thomas wasn’t present when the risen Jesus first appeared to his disciples, so took some convincing that Jesus had, indeed, risen from the dead. It was only some time later, when he was able to see and touch Jesus, that he stopped doubting, and believed and worshipped. Chris preaches on John 20:24-31 and challenges us to respond to Jesus’ resurrection by choosing to believe and worship the risen Christ.

Unfortunately no audio recording is available for this sermon, but sermon notes are available for download.

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Resurrection 2: Resurrection Evening

On the evening after Jesus rose from the dead, two disciples were travelling to Emmaus. On the way they met someone they didn’t expect to see. Meanwhile in Jerusalem, the remaining eleven apostles were gathered trying to decide what to do next when suddenly something amazing happened. Susan explores the effect these events had on the disciples and their continual effect in our lives today.

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Resurrection 1 : Resurrection Morning

The resurrection lies at the heart of the Christian faith– without the resurrection we could have no way of knowing that the cross was anything more than an act of self-sacrifice. As we have a risen Saviour there is no situation beyond His power to resurrect. The power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in you.

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Change or Transformation: Away Day News Flash

How can we deal with change? Does it always need to be painful? Do we even need to change anyway? Chris, Barry, Susan and James summarise the teachings we received during our church away day on the theme of Change or Transformation.

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Mark 8

Jesus asked great questions and challenged His followers to enter into deeper covenant with Him. Chris invites us to renew our discipleship covenant with Jesus.

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Mark 7

We all know the Pharisees got it wrong but how did they do so and do we do the same? Where does evil come from and what can we do about it? More challenging teaching on how to develop a closer relationship with God.

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